Harvey Development specializes in reactive stain technology to bring out the natural character of the wood. Our reactive stains react directly with the tannin and mineral content of the wood to reveal it’s inner beauty. Because the process is organic each piece of flooring is unique in it’s appearance, allowing the floor to look more natural. All floors are finished with either a waterbased finish or with a hardwax oil, both of which offer long lasting protection for your floor.

Custom Colors

Specializing in custom finishes, we have developed an extensive pallet of color choices.

Custom Colors

EmailĀ James@HarveyDevelopment.com for more information on our custom color services.

Stock Colors

In addition to our custom colors we offer a wide range of stock colors.

Bona DriFast Stains

An oil-modified stain that is durable and color fast. We top it with Bona Traffic HD in your choice of sheen from glossy to ultra-matt.

American White Oak

American White Oak (quercus alba) is one of the preeminent hardwood of North America. Scoring 1360 on the Janka scale, it is a hard, long lasting choice for flooring.


Species: White Oak – 7″ x 3/4″ solid

Finish: Hardwax Oil

Price: $8.50 sq. ft.

For a quote or a sample: james@harveydevelopment.com







Species: White Oak











Hardwax Oil on White Oak












Hardwax Oil on White Oak