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Lightly brushed oak compared to unbrushed.

Brushing the surface of wood opens the soft grain for better penetration of stains and dyes. The brush removes a small amount of the soft grain allowing more of the pigments to settle and highlight the soft grain.

It also helps improve contrast between the soft and hard grain by closing the pores in the hard grain to minimize the effect of the stain, known as ‘polishing the mirrors.

In the picture on the right you can see the effect of brushing white oak before applying a hardwax oil.




Deep brushing can be used to add a weathered or time-worn look by replicating years of wear. The brushing can be done before of after the application of the finish.

Adding crosscuts, also known as ‘chatter marks’ or ‘bandsaw marks’ adds another dimension of texture giving wood that reclaimed look used in flooring and paneling.

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HVLP Line Sprayer

Our HVLP Line Sprayer can be used to apply just about any finish from latex paint to 2 part catalyzed finishes and everything in between.